Harley, we have lift off!

After just three days of fully using the Commons (thanks, Polar Vortex), we held the grand Commons Unveiling opening events for our Harley community! The day began right off with a full school assembly to honor and thank all of the people who have invested time, thought, effort and money into building the Commons. Our Head of School, Ward Ghory, gave a warm welcome to all who were present, then turned over the microphone and the bulk of the speaking to sophomore, Seeley Taylor, who has been involved in the building and managing meetings from the very beginning. Her heartfelt words of thanks and gratitude set the tone for the rest of the day-long celebration. You can watch the assembly in full by clicking on the link below.

Assembly to Thank Commons Donors and Workers

Immediately following the assembly, the donors and their families were given a guided tour of the now-completed Commons. Ken Huth, photographer, captured some great moments both in the assembly and during the donor tours.

The morning and part of the afternoon were spent with classes of Lower School and Fifth and Sixth grade students touring the Commons and bringing their time capsule contributions to Flag Hall. Each class was met by members of the Sixth Grade who have spearheaded the efforts to collect meaningful and representative items from each class and grade for the commemorative time capsule. The capsule (or perhaps multiple, depending on the quantity of items contributed) will be housed in the ceiling of the middle floor of the Commons and will be opened again in 2064.

The Commons Festival was held for all 7th-12th grade students during the afternoon Flex Time/Advisory period. This fantastic event featured interactive and engaging activities in each of the spaces of the Commons, led by students, and enjoyed by all. These same activities were open to the parents and families during the 3:30-5:00 time, as well as guided tours hosted by students from the Living Building class. The building was buzzing with excitement and activity, and there was something for everyone to explore and enjoy!

Workshop and Project Space:

To see a video of the robot in action, follow this link: Robotics Demonstration at Commons Festival

Science Classrooms:

Third Floor: BCCE and CMEE

Flag Hall and Beckerman:

All in all, it was a grand opening for our Harley community. We were delighted at the turn out by families from all divisions! What was perhaps the most inspiring part of the day was that the events and activities stemmed from the students, were led by the students, and were energized by their participation. If this is any glimpse into how fully and enthusiastically the building will be used, we can all look forward to an amazing ride!

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