Digging into the Project Space

We had some great moments of planned and spontaneous activity in the Project Space this week! Nursery Blue couldn’t wait to use the open room to build their foundations and structures for their Construction Unit. They drew blueprints and architectural sketches, assembled boxes with Make Dos, then painted their buildings.

Primary B used the Project Space to learn more about birds. They set up their True/False game in the open space which involved the children “voting” with their bodies if they thought a statement about birds was either true or false. Mrs. Hanss held the True sign on her side, and on the other side of the space was the False sign. Mrs. Fenster read the statements, and the children walked to the side of the room they felt was the right answer. Although there was disagreement, the objective wasn’t to be right or wrong; the objective was to wonder, guess, then learn the truth. There is a video below of part of the game.

Primary B True/False Game

The Third Grade used the Project Space this week to continue their study of electricity. Chris Hartman shared some great information about light bulbs, LED lights and how electricity works in all of them. The projector proved helpful in bringing the diagrams full-screen for the entire group to see, and then the students divided out into the room work stations to explore and experiment more. Here is a clip from Chris’ lesson: Fluorescent Light Explanation

Lastly, while it wasn’t the Project Space, the Briggs Center for Civic Engagement saw some spontaneous use this week by Dan O’Brien and his 8th Grade Geometry class, the Upper School Fandom club, and the Parent Council coffee. Next week, Mr. Gilbert and his 8th Grade students will take full screen advantage of the space for their viewing of the movie Ghandi. You can see that the setting is perfect for movies!

One final image for you… On the northern wall of Flag Hall, past the benches, you will find the wonderful pages from Primary A’s class book on the Commons which they created after their tour of the building last Friday. While you can’t see the individual pages too clearly, each has a great picture and description of what was seen in the spaces and what the children look forward to studying in the Commons!

2014-01-14 16.41.19

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