Middle School Geography Bee Game Show

The exciting culminating Geography Bee Game Show was this past Thursday afternoon in the Briggs Center for Civic Engagement. The final grade-level teams (decided through preliminary rounds earlier in the week) engaged in heated head-to-head team and individual competition while the rest of the Middle School cheered them on from the audience. Mr. Dan O’Brien served as game show host, Mrs. Rivers was the time keeper/bell ringer, and Mrs. Allen tallied the running scores. Several opportunities were given to audience members to earn additional points of for those teams which were falling behind. The scores were incredibly close going into the final question. The teams were asked to wager the points they were willing to risk before hearing the last question: “Which is the largest country through which the equator runs?” In the end, all teams had the correct answer, but the gutsy “risk it all” strategy by the 7th Grade team pulled them ahead ultimately, making them the overall winners. Congratulations to the winners and all participants!!

One thought on “Middle School Geography Bee Game Show

  1. We’d love to join the excitement of MS Geography Bee with International Night next March…Bart White, LS Spanish and French

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