“Bag It” documentary screening and discussion

The final day of Earth Week was celebrated with the screening of the documentary “Bag It”, which explores the environmental impact plastic bags have on our planet. Although the bags can be recycled, they are still created from petroleum products, which are non-renewable resources. The most sustainable product is the one that never gets made or used in the first place.

Led by the 5th Grade Science class with teacher, Lindsay Cray, the event showed the movie, then followed up with discussions led by the Harley science class, as well as the Upper School Green Team. The students conducted a school-wide survey of the students to see how much they knew and understood about plastic bags. The children were informed, confident and passionate about the topic. In collaboration with Wegmans’ Sustainability Coordinator, Jason Wadsworth, the students gave away 100 reusable Wegmans shopping bags (donated for the event) to those who attended the screening.

A link to the movie’s website can be found here.



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