In what is becoming an ever-expanding event at Harley, the STEAM Fair (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) was held all over campus on Thursday evening, February 12th. Science projects from 3rd-6th grade students were shared along with penguin habitats by Primary Two, many technology projects, some math challenges, and sample hands-on design thinking/science pursuits by 7th-12th graders.


The third grade students shared their solar-powered LED chandeliers in the Centrum, where they took Harley off the grid at that location, calculating an estimated $2 saved per day.

The Primary Two penguin habitats lined the back wall of the Centrum, showing the various homes for Emperor, Rockhopper, Little Blue, Gentoo, Adelie, and Chinstrap penguins.



The main Gallery hosted the Fourth Grade science projects in-progress. These experiments are based on the field of research associated with the scientist or inventor the students chose to study for their biography unit in the fall. The research question, hypothesis and procedures were up for the visitors to learn more about and to offer their feedback on for the young scientists to use as they finish out their experiments after break.

The Gallery also had a range of technology projects by Mrs. Weber’s students, K-6th grade. Arduinos, programmable robots, design challenges and more were on display. Over at the stairwell, one of the 6th grader’s science experiment was in action, a Foucault pendulum!



Fifth grade science experiments were up on display in the BCCE, as well as a looping video of the Upper School robotics team robot accomplishing some very difficult and intricately-programmed actions.



The Sixth Grade scientists spread between the two science classrooms to share their individual experiments with the gathered crowd. The Seventh Grade green wall project was also on display, as were the hydroponic basil and parsley plants, and the banana plants (sporting new growth in the happy warmth of the Greenhouse!).



In the Project Space, Workshop, and lobby of the ground floor of the Commons, recent pursuits and projects by the Middle School Design Thinking class and Upper School Design and Innovation Lab were on display. Several installations showing 1st trimester projects by 7th and 8th Grade Science were up for visitors to learn more about, too.

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