Youth Climate Leaders Summit–Part Two

Martin Luther King Day not only was a day-on for service opportunities around the area, but it also provided a day when all area schools were not in session. This allowed the Youth Climate Leaders Summit group to meet again conveniently. This second meeting of involved and invested students concerned about climate change followed a similar format to the first meeting: group presentation, smaller break out groups, then sharing back to the fully-assembled group again.

The group was delighted to have Sarah Mittiga from Citizens’ Climate Lobby–Rochester Chapter, share her background and details on the Carbon Fee and Dividend. She shared the link to the organization (, as well as the direct link to the Carbon Fee and Dividend description ( and her contact information ( Feel free to contact her directly if you have questions or ideas.

After her presentation, the assembled students (from 6-7 area schools) broke out into three sub-groups… one focused on this kind of national-level action and policy, one considered which projects from the last meeting seems most attainable, and one worked on the group’s infrastructure and ways to connect electronically and more. After an hour or so of small group discussions, each sub-group reported back to the fully-assembled group.

The most pressing and attainable project that was proposed, which ties in to all of the others, was an outreach/education piece. The group is eager to hear from the Genesee Community Charter School 6th graders (who were not present at the meeting since they were starting their expedition on Climate Change by visiting Green Schools) about what other schools are doing around the country to confront climate change.

The national political activist group wrote letters to Senator Chuck Schumer (many from the other groups did by the end of the time, too), discussed talking points of the Carbon Fee and Dividend and dug deeper into CCL.

The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, February 27, from 6:30-8:30 at the Genesee Community Charter School (East Avenue, behind Rochester Museum and Science Center). If you or anyone you know would like to attend, please contact Terry Smith at

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