Preview for Commons Series #2 — Optimistic Innovators

In order to spark interest in Tuesday’s Commons Series event, here are some details about the upcoming panel discussion.

Panelists Nate August ‘11, Davy Brooks ‘18, and Meg (Malone) Sternowski ‘06 will speak at The Harley School October 24 for the next Commons Series event about their sustainability work as well as how their experiences at Harley influenced their career paths. The panelists will also discuss why there is hope for a sustainable future. The format will include a question and answer session with the panel.

Nate graduated from Cornell University’s Agricultural Sciences program in 2015 and now manages the Wegmans Organic Farm & Orchard in Canandaigua, NY. The farm works to integrate new research and technology with regenerative farming practices to increase the supply of regionally-grown, flavorful and nutritious food for Wegmans customers. Nate is passionate about exploring opportunities for innovation in the dynamic food production industry.

Meg is extremely passionate about sharing knowledge of the great things happening around Rochester and with creating a resilient and empathetic community. With a background in Industrial and Systems Engineering and Sustainability, Meg works at Constellation Brands as their Corporate Environmental Sustainability Manager and manages and measures the company’s environmental footprint. Meg has a passion for waste – re-imagining, reusing, repurposing, and recycling to make a long term difference.

Davy Brooks is currently a Harley student who is a leader in the food and farm program and an active participant in the maker education program.  Davy has been involved in the design of the growing spaces, planting and managing the microfarm, and maintaining the Harley bee hives.  

To hear first hand about why we are especially excited about this event, you can access a podcast recorded by Seth O’Bryan, Commons Director, who will moderate the panel discussion and question and answer session for the evening. Enjoy and hope to see you there on Tuesday evening at 6:30!

Podcast — Seth O’Bryan preview of 10/24 Commons Series

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