Rochester Youth Climate Leaders kick off 2017-18 plans

Started in December of 2015, the Rochester Youth Climate Leaders has continued to be a strong, but small group of students from Rochester area schools (Harley, School of the Arts, Genesee Community Charter School, Calkins Rd., Twelve Corners, World of Inquiry, and Brighton High School primarily). In addition to monthly meetings and local action, the RYCL hosted the first Rochester Youth Climate Summit last April.

As with most school-based organizations, the summer interrupts some of the momentum gained during the school year. This group was eager to reconnect and get the ball rolling again for the 2017-18 school year.  The first meeting of the year was held at Genesee Community Charter School on Saturday, October 21. The leadership team (including Thomas Neumaier from Harley) led the students through plans for the year including immediate opportunities (helping volunteer for the New York Climate Solutions Summit being hosted by Harley on 10/28; field trip to RIT research lab and bio-digestor) and long-term goals (host another youth climate summit; lobby county officials for single-use plastic bag ban/fee).

Several exciting collaborations and opportunities were discussed, including RIT, Cummings Nature Center, and the Fast Forward Film Festival. Stay tuned to hear more about what this group of climate change activists is doing in their schools and in Rochester!

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