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Oct 07

Exploring Electronics

Today in STEM club, we took a break from vibration to study the art of electronics.  I say art because inside of every piece of equipment we use, is truly a masterpiece.  I am in awe of how people learn to construct and put this kind of stuff together.  Since we have been working with …

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Sep 30

Day 2 motoring robots! ( a robot made with a motor)

Today in STEM club the girls were given another task- designing their own robot. They could be animal robots, people robots, or other robots. They just needed to design one. They were shown what one could look like and the given the guideline that their design had to: 1. Be balanced 2. Move 3. Have …

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Sep 24

Good Vibrations: Girs STEM – ART Robots. Using a motor to see vibration

This is our official kickoff to girls STEM club for the 2014-2015 school year.  I had an amazing turnout this year and have maxed out with 10 girls in the club.  Hurray!  I still remember back in the day when we started the club with only 4 girls. I am thrilled to see more girls …

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Mar 05

The making of a Lego stop motion movie


Due to popularity of the Lego Movie, the girls were presented with the idea of making their own movie – they were thrilled with this task! For our movie, we used the Lego Movie App. It is Lego’s free stop motion movie app and who doesn’t love free!?! The girls watched a video on how …

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Feb 10

How much weight can a boat hold? Stem for girls activity


The weeks before February break are crazy for teachers. So time for blogging is not much. Inside of writing, I will show you the improvements made by the girls with pictures. Happy viewing. These girls did awesome this time. The boats could float, hold weight and were relatively water proof. Great job, girls!

Jan 22 2014

3 Little Pigs Survive With our Girl’s Club Engineers! Using Bionic Blox and Legos


I’ve been thinking a lot about education these days. With all the Common Core buzz that is blowing up our social media and news, one can’t help but think about it. Over the winter break, I had the chance to sift through one of my best friend’s second grade common core, Greek myth books. It …

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Dec 02

Paper Engineering – Creating Pop Up Cards


The last day of Girls STEM club was inspired by my recent experience at the Fingerlakes STEM Hub conference. It was a wonderful conference that I attended early this fall, where I had the chance to connect with colleges and other teachers, and also take home some pretty fantastic ideas for STEM. We had to …

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Oct 23

Day 4 Pigeons and Parachutes. Building your own parachute STEM activity


Today was a great day in STEM club.  We started with pigeons and ended with parachutes and had a whole lot of laughter along the way! The inspiration for the parachutes I cannot take credit for. Our head of Lower School came up with the book and our starting point.  It is pretty safe to …

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