Monthly Archive: October 2013

Oct 30

Ali shares her passion


Today Ali Brown shared her passion for horses. There were many comments and questions from her classmates. She did a great job!

Oct 29

What are literature circles?

Check out 3c here: Each child meets in groups of 3 or 4 to discuss the book. The students are taking turns being the group leader. They are learning to agree or disagree and to share their ideas about the chapter. They discuss comprehension questions and the each one has a different job to share. …

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Oct 29

Reading in third grade


In reading we have reading circles. In our reading circles we have jobs. Here are some pictures of how 3rd graders like to read: Alexander s

Oct 28



In 3A we are growing a Zombie plant. It is called a resurrection plant. If it does not get water it will die and if it gets more water the Zombie plant will start growing again. The Zombie Plant lives in the desert . When the Zombie Plant dies it curls into a ball. Max …

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Oct 23

Kickoff to Harlic


Today was our first official Harlic Company meeting. We brainstormed what Harlic is all about and discussed what it truly means to start a company from the ground up (literally!) Mr Hartman and the third grade teachers got us very excited about our company.

Oct 23

Our first student to share her passion


Claire bravely took on the challenge of being the first 3rd grader to share her passion. She came prepared with props and did an excellent job speaking in front of all her peers. We can’t wait to see everyone’s passion! Good job Claire!

Oct 21

starting harlic/ garden work

Today we started our garlic company Harlic. We went out in the garden and measured the area for planting our garlic. We observed¬†¬† garlic. The garlic did not smell good. Now we are ready to start our company.   videos      

Oct 20

Saying goodbye to Mrs. Green


We are going to miss Mrs. Green, our student teacher, so much. She shared so many fun ideas and hugs over the last couple of months. We wish her the best as she completes her last placement and moves to Alabama. Here are some pictures of her goodbye party.

Oct 17

Capture the flag fun time!

So me, Stanford, Theo, Daniel, Maire, John, Maxwell, and well, many others gathered one day in October. Some fourth graders came up with the idea of all of us playing capture the flag. So we did and man was it fun! Stanford scored a bunch of times (like fifteen times – I hope he heard …

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Oct 16

Just for fun :)


Look who decided to be awesome today. The best part was this “awesomeness” was not even planned.

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