Monthly Archive: November 2013

Nov 26



Nov 22

Harlic Company Field Trips


We went on two field trips. One was to farmer Fraiser’s Garlic Farm and the other to a t-shirt factory. At the garlic farm, farmer Fraiser showed us his tractor and also talked to us about different kinds of garlic. It was really cool! At the t-shirt factory, we got to see our Harlic shirts …

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Nov 19

Learning about Logos


Anika’s mom came to 3rd grade and taught us about logos. She told us about her inspiration for her work and also how logos help us remember company products. She showed us how she had to design the logo and the food truck design for her family’s company. It was really cool to learn about …

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Nov 13

Sharing passions


Last week Isabelle shared her passion for horses. This week we heard about Alex’s passion for tennis.

Nov 03

Learning about Empathy


This past week we took the time to reflect, clear our mind, and really think about what it means to have empathy and also what it means to be a good friend. We met David Levine, and we can all say that we are better people because of it. He is wonderful and the stories …

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Nov 03

Halloween Fun part 1


Here are some pictures from the girls point of view. They were split boys/girls to get ready. They ended up having so much fun together that they decided to have the party together too. A fun time was had by all. Boys pictures will be posted soon. The last one is a picture of Addy. …

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