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Apr 09


3rd Grade has been learning about habitats. So far we know about the Grassland, Shrub land, Forests, Rainforest, Desert and Tundra are all habitats for animals. We learned that habitat’s supply us and animals with everything we need. Also permafrost lasts forever!  (That is in the Tundra)  Mrs.Oettinger gave us a packet to read alone …

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Apr 09

The Wonderful States

In class, we have been learning about the wonderful  states in America.  My favorite state is Iowa  .I have been to 21 states.  In class we have been having homework about the states.That was how I knew about how many states I have been to!  We have so many puzzles about the states  .I think …

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Jan 18

Learning About Civil Rights

Will’s dad came in on Friday to teach the kids about some of the court cases and government decisions that lead to Ruby Bridges being allowed to integrate the Frantz school. The kids learned about the Supreme Court and how the Brown VS Board of Education changed our country for the better. It was a …

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Sep 11

2014 New School year – Spaghetti for Social Studies

Welcome to another school year!  We love these eager, fun-loving students!  During our social studies unit on community, the students worked together in teams to build the tallest standing spaghetti and marshmallow tower that they could build.  They are learning about teamwork and what it means to be a part of a community.  After this …

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Apr 28

Inside The Mind Of Mr. Kindig


Today the green group got a lesson in learning their 50 states! Thanks to the brilliant mind of Mr. Kindig! We used silly sayings and illustrations to learn the shape and capital of the state. Here are some that the kids came up with: “I saw an arc on a little rock”. – Little Rock, …

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Apr 21

What does social studies and shaving cream have in common?


Green grouped learned where the regions were on the map by finding them with shaving cream. They each had a map and they outlined them and labeled them in the shaving cream. What a way to end the day!

Apr 07

Meet Noah Pereira – junior Iditariod champion!


Today we met Noah and his father Lou from Brockport, NY. They are the owners of Avalanche racing ( We learned that Noah won the junior Iditarod last year and he was also the first nonalaskan to ever win the race! He Showed us his adorable lead dog Rain and his sled and equipment he …

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Mar 26

3rd Graders with the Dance Connection


The third graders delivered a magical performance with Susan Wear and the Dance Connection from the ARC. They were so good and brought tears to our eyes with their sincere performance. A job well done! Videos

Sep 19

Marshmallow Towers Part 2


T The white and green groups did spaghetti and marshmallow towers. The tallest for the green group was 21”  but fell down . The white group tallest was 15”.   Alexander

Sep 19

Spagetti Marshmallow Towers


In social studies we tried to make the tallest strongest tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti.  We were trying to learn how to work together in a group.  I wish I could have used big marshmallows.   Frances