Monthly Archive: January 2015

Jan 25

Ruby Bridges Projects

The Third Graders have been very busy with our Biography Unit.  We started this unit learning about Ruby Bridges and the Civil Rights Movement.  We read the biography and the autobiography first.  Then we wrote a summary, wrote character traits, and made connections to our own life.  We also illustrated our summary to create a movie …

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Jan 19

Electricity – seeing what is a conductor and what is an insulator


This past week, we began learning about electrical current. We decided to experiment with what items can pass a current through it. We tested items like a popsicle stick and a paper clip. We also tested tricky items like a pencil and twist ties. In the end, the children got a chance to even go …

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Jan 18

Learning About Civil Rights

Will’s dad came in on Friday to teach the kids about some of the court cases and government decisions that lead to Ruby Bridges being allowed to integrate the Frantz school. The kids learned about the Supreme Court and how the Brown VS Board of Education changed our country for the better. It was a …

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Jan 09

Exploring with Electricity.


The third grade has started a new unit on electricity! Our first task was, using the same materials, get a light bulb to light. The kids were not instructed, but instead asked to try, explore, and see if they could get the bulb to light on their own. Many attempts were made, and soon the …

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