Monthly Archive: May 2014

May 28

Creating simple machine inventions


The white group started turning their ideas into models in the Commons !

May 28

Ian shared his passion for robots


May 28

Anika’s passion


Anika shared her passion for cooking and food! She had a wonderful glogster presentation.

May 28

The dragons of Blueland!

Me and other peeps in my homeroom are reading a book that’s called The dragons of Blueland. We pick a job out of a basket, and I picked BLOGGING! What a coincidence! We have to write our favorite part of the chapter, and mine was when the dragon went in to the field of corn …

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May 21

5 passions at CMT!


Today we learned about Alexander’s passion for travel, Annika’s passion for dance, Cam and Lucas’s passion for Hockey, and Frances’s passion for Ballet! Awesome job everyone!

May 15

Fifty Nifty united states!

I am learning about the fifty states [and the other third graders] I WAS going to pick Massachusetts, the home of the best baseball team ever- THE BOSTON RED SOX!, until someone else got it first . Me and the other third graders again sang the Fifty Nifty United States from Alabama to Wyoming and …

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May 15

harley garden

We have been planting lettuce in the Harley garden. yum! First, we dug holes and put the lettuce in the holes. Second, we patted the lettuce in. Then, we got a little spritz with a hose. It felt good!  I learned that planting lettuce is fun! by Noah L

May 14

Lizzie’s Passion



May 14

Noah’s passion



May 07

Madison’s Passion- Irish Dancing


Today Madison came in to teach us all about her love for Irish Dancing. She had pictures a video and the dress and shoes to show us. Se even danced for us! Thank you Maddy!