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May 21

5 passions at CMT!


Today we learned about Alexander’s passion for travel, Annika’s passion for dance, Cam and Lucas’s passion for Hockey, and Frances’s passion for Ballet! Awesome job everyone!

Apr 30

2 passions today at CMT


Max shared his passion for the violin. He played us many amazing tunes and answered all questions. Emma also shared her passion for Gymnastics! She shared a movie of some of her competitions. She also shared her warm-up gear and trophies. Great passions!

Apr 23

Noah Lewis’ Passion- Baseball!


Today Noah shared his passion for baseball. He brought in props and even baseball cards. Awesome job, Noah!

Mar 19

Hannah’s Passion


Hannah S brought in so many wonderful things that showcases her passion – horses! From a saddle, to brushes, to plastic horses, and pictures. We learned all about how to care for horses and riding them – great job, Hannah!

Mar 05

Hannah G and Miss Saroli share their passion


Today Hannah shared her passion for basketball. She loves to play it and her favorite player is Michael Jordan. Miss Saroli shared her passion for dance. We learned that she has studied 7 different types of dance from ballet to hip hop! She showed us her ballet shoes and demonstrated tap. We even got to …

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Feb 09

Cameron’s grandfather came to talk about the business side of electricity


Cameron’s grandfather, Mr. McNally, came in to talk to us about his family business, O’Connell Electric. He showed many types of wires, tools and machines used to help keep our community supplied with electricity. His company works on bridges, tunnels, and wind turbines to keep out area with full power! We loved looking at all …

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Feb 09

Joseph’s passion – robots!


    Joseph shared his passion for robots and Star Wars. The kids eagerly watched as the robots moved by voice control or a remote. It was very fun to watch. I think after seeing R2D2, everyone (including me) is going to want to put one on their holiday wish list for next year. Your …

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Dec 17

Celebrating the winter solstice


Maire’s mom came in to share their special holiday tradition of making winter solstice feeders for the animals and birds in the winter.  The children were able to string popcorn, oranges, and apples on a pipe cleaner to make yummy outdoor ornaments.     It was a beautiful winter day with fresh fallen snow.  Perfect …

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Dec 11

Third grade has holiday visitors


During our cmt time, we have had students, mothers, and grandmothers come in to share about their family holiday and offer some games, crafts, or treats, too. Hannah S and Lucas’s mom came in to share about Hanukkah and we ate yummy dough nuts and played dreidel. Alex S talked about Sinter Claus and Cameron’s …

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Oct 30

Ali shares her passion


Today Ali Brown shared her passion for horses. There were many comments and questions from her classmates. She did a great job!

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