Monthly Archive: February 2014

Feb 26

3b presented their Glogs!


3b has finished their projects for biographies and are now presenting them! The other two classes will be done soon! Here are some pictures. The kids are learning from each other! Jackie Robinson, Walt Disney, and Amelia Earhart.

Feb 26

Carlin’s passion is fishing!


Today carlin shared his passion for fishing. He brought pictures of fish he caught, interesting facts, and even fish lures.

Feb 13

Science Fair

Science Fair was awesome!  We had it in the commons – our new barn. Tonight we are going to have it with all our parents there.  Happy Valentine’s Day!  We are going to have a pj day tomorrow! Theo

Feb 13

Science Fair!

Science fair was awesome because of the total amount of peeps that showed up at my project.  I even let them try out my switch, well most of them. (Basically all of the Nursery kids that I got).  My favorite class was Nursery Yellow, because it was just easy to explain all of it to them.So, my science …

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Feb 12

Third Grade Representing TwoVille Estimation


Congrats to Lucas with the overall closest guess in our annual TwoVille Post Office Estimation contest. Miss.  Saroli won in the student teacher category and Mrs.  Oettinger won the Faculty category.  All third graders were proud! 

Feb 11

Working on glogster in reading


Today we got laptops to work on Glogster. They are using their biography packet to collect information to use on their glog. They sure are hard at work!

Feb 09

Cameron’s grandfather came to talk about the business side of electricity


Cameron’s grandfather, Mr. McNally, came in to talk to us about his family business, O’Connell Electric. He showed many types of wires, tools and machines used to help keep our community supplied with electricity. His company works on bridges, tunnels, and wind turbines to keep out area with full power! We loved looking at all …

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Feb 09

Joseph’s passion – robots!


    Joseph shared his passion for robots and Star Wars. The kids eagerly watched as the robots moved by voice control or a remote. It was very fun to watch. I think after seeing R2D2, everyone (including me) is going to want to put one on their holiday wish list for next year. Your …

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