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Apr 30

2 passions today at CMT


Max shared his passion for the violin. He played us many amazing tunes and answered all questions. Emma also shared her passion for Gymnastics! She shared a movie of some of her competitions. She also shared her warm-up gear and trophies. Great passions!

Apr 28

Inside The Mind Of Mr. Kindig


Today the green group got a lesson in learning their 50 states! Thanks to the brilliant mind of Mr. Kindig! We used silly sayings and illustrations to learn the shape and capital of the state. Here are some that the kids came up with: “I saw an arc on a little rock”. – Little Rock, …

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Apr 23

Noah Lewis’ Passion- Baseball!


Today Noah shared his passion for baseball. He brought in props and even baseball cards. Awesome job, Noah!

Apr 21

What does social studies and shaving cream have in common?


Green grouped learned where the regions were on the map by finding them with shaving cream. They each had a map and they outlined them and labeled them in the shaving cream. What a way to end the day!

Apr 21

New Reading Unit – Garbage


We are kicking off a new reading unit garbage and recycling! Your children over the next several weeks will be diving into answering some important questions: * What is garbage? Where does it go? Even what is dung? ( third grade boys love to talk about this!) They will learn the history of garbage – …

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Apr 09

Theo shared his passion for Basketball


Theo can dunk.

Apr 09

Elizabeth shares her passion for soccer



Apr 07

Stone Fox


After taking the time to read the story: Stone Fox – the children are excited to watch the movie. The movie was an option to choose for the afternoon and they got to write the similarities and differences in a graphic organizer. They found many differences!

Apr 07

Meet Noah Pereira – junior Iditariod champion!


Today we met Noah and his father Lou from Brockport, NY. They are the owners of Avalanche racing ( We learned that Noah won the junior Iditarod last year and he was also the first nonalaskan to ever win the race! He Showed us his adorable lead dog Rain and his sled and equipment he …

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Apr 07

3b dog sled dioramas


3b has been plugging along in Literature circles and have all finished their books. Because of this, they are starting a project to showcase their learning. They have been learning how to sequence events in a story. For their project, they have to choose 4 parts of their Alaska book and create a diorama that …

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