Monthly Archive: October 2014

Oct 29

What reading looks like


Third graders are busy finishing up The Stinking Story of Garbage. Some children are reading with whisper phones. These help increase comprehension because they can hear their voice reading. Max is working on writing a Skinny question. It’s a question that is answered with one or two words and right there in the book. Malia …

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Oct 22

Lit Circles

Here is a great example of what a Lit Circle looks like in 3rd grade. Jia is the group leader and the other girls get to share their answers and job.  For each chapter, they rotate who is the group leader and the jobs.  Great job girls!  We hope to get some more groups up …

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Oct 18

Poems in two voices at assembly

Last Wednesday some of the children shared their own poems in two voices.

Oct 17

Miss Ford’s last day


We said goodbye to our beloved student teacher, Miss Ford today. We sure will miss her! The kids sent her off with cards, hugs, and lots of love! We. Hope she visits often and soon!

Oct 16


In third grade we read a lot! I (Isabel) love reading! Sometimes, we call quite reading DEAR time. DEAR is short for Drop Everything And Read. D stand’s for Drop. E stand’s for Everything. A stand’s for And. R stand’s for Read. Do think quite reading/dear time is fun? I do! Which do you call …

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Oct 16

Harley community interviews


3rd graders today spent time using their interview skills. It is a tradition, during our community unit, to learn about the people that make up our own Harley community. They are asking staff and teachers how they help their own community and what makes a good citizen. They are learning how to take notes compose …

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Oct 14

spelling city

Spelling city 2

Spelling City is a bunch of spelling games on the computer. There are games like hang mouse, letter fall, and aim to  spell.   There is even  someone playing spelling city next to me!  So you need a password and user name. It helps kids learn because it makes you memorize the word. This is …

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Oct 08

Two Voice Poems

Third grade shared poems at assembly. October 8, 2014 Fireflies     Miss Ford   Halloween          

Oct 02



Third grade has been building with Legos! They are not just any Legos, but female scientists. We are thrilled they are marketing these and our third grade girls couldn’t get enough of them. Shoshana and Maya built most of the set, but Bryn stepped in to be in the picture since Maya was sick. Great …

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