Monthly Archive: May 2015

May 20

Geometry skits from assembly[youtube]

May 14

The School Mouse

school mouse

The  School Mouse is about a family of mice living in a school. The main character is Flora and she gets education unlike most mice. When she was in kindergarten she began to read, and then her education developed into first grade and second grade.  Her mom is Hyacinth and her dad is Robert. In …

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May 14



They are allowed to sit anywhere in the room to read, but this is where they decide to be – smooshed together.  Harley kids love each other!  

May 13

Mouse With A Question Mark Tail

After I finished Dear Whiskers, I have been reading Mouse With A Question Mark Tail. He went to the Royal Mews Academy for mice. The bully in the school beet up on him so the cat let him follow him to the barn where they met the horse. The horse’s name is Peg. The mouse …

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May 11

the mouse and the motorcycle chapter 9

In chapter 9, Ralph’s family is scared because they will never eat again  .Even though Ralph lost the motorcycle he still gets food service.Some humans found mice and uncle Lester thinks they are putting mice traps and rat poison around the hotel. -Hugo

May 11

The Mouse and The Motorcycle

In chapter 8, Ralph has a family reunion. When Ralph is having his reunion, he tells about how he looses his motorcycle.

May 06

Dear Whiskers Chapter 12 (Last One)

In “Dear Whiskers,” Chapter 12 Sameera gets a letter…A lot of letters. She got letters from the whole second grade about the mouse cookies that Jenny made. My favorite part of the chapter when Jenny is reading her letters to the 4th grade class. When Mrs. Steele said, “here is a letter from Daniel”, Susan …

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May 04

Dear Whiskers Chapter 6

My favorite part of the chapter was when Jenny’s  class was learning about adjectives.              Alicia

May 01

Dear Whiskers Chapter 9

In “Dear Whiskers,” chapter 9, Jenny decides to use the idea of stationary that Susan suggested to her. Jenny tried to show her to write but Sameera had to go to ESL, which means English as a Second Language. Sameera use to speak Arabic, so Sameera is learning to speak English now. One reason Sameera …

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