Monthly Archive: November 2014

Nov 24

Harlic Garlic Sale!

“Let’s get cloving!” “I can Harlic wait!” Lots of excitement and smiles filled the Halls of 3rd grade this morning! The children ran their Harlic Garlic company! Each had a job to do and was very serious about it! We had cashiers, greeters, food samplers, stockers, baggers, and kids running t- shirt sales. This was …

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Nov 21

3rd graders and Money

Since we are almost done with our garlic company, we thought it would be fun to peek inside the mind of a 3rd grader to find out what they would do if they had 10,000 dollars.  Now it did require a bit of prep because some of them talked about buying a house or buying …

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Nov 18

There is nothing like wrapping yourself up in a good book.


Was school like this for you? Kids here are free to find their own comfy spot for reading. They settle in quickly and get lost in a good book!

Nov 11

More packaging


We have had more reading groups working together to look at different packaging. They had to say what they liked about it, what was bad for the environment, and also what they would do to improve the packaging for the environment. One product was made out of 100 percent recycled card board and corn starch. …

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Nov 11

Harlic Buttons


Alicia’s dad came in to help us make buttons for our Harlic company. The kids LOVE them!

Nov 11



Some terrific costumes. Fun was had by all.

Nov 04

Taking a closer look at packaging


After our book The Stinking Story of Garbage, we decided to take a closer look at landfills and learn just how long it takes items to decompose. Group 2 was first to learn this, and group 1 and 3 will start tomorrow. We learned that glass, styrofoam, and tinfoil do not ever decompose! That is …

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