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May 17

The Mouse and the Motorcycle Chapter 9

My favorite part of chapter 9 was when Ralph was sitting on the window sill in the middle of the night. It is my favorite part because it is the only non boring part in that chapter. I think it is more exciting when Ralph is on the motorcycle. By Sam

May 03

The Mouse and the Motorcycle ”Trapped”

My favorite part of chapter 3 was when Ralph fell of the table with the motorcycle and landed in the metal waste basket. That is my favorite part, because I was thinking that Ralph was going to end up like his uncle. He was thrown out with the garbage. – Sam

May 02

Mouse and the Mortorcycle

My favorite part of this chapter is when Ralph tried to get out of the wastebasket  with a apple core and a toy motorcycle. He seized the apple core and pushed it to the motorcycle, but he failed. I liked that part because it was funny.  I also liked it because it was really good …

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Apr 24

The Mouse and the Motorcycle Ch 5


My favorite part of the chapter was when Keith found Ralph. Ralph is a mouse,Keith is a boy. Ralph was in the trash. Keith and Ralph could communicate because they loved motorcycles. Keith and Ralph were good friends right away. Keith even let Ralph ride his motorcycle. by: Alma

Apr 23

dear whiskers chapter 9


In chapter 9, Jenny was thinking about how to write a letter. She thought she should write many yes and no questions and the date. Jenny thought it was going to be hard, but it was not. The next day, she read to Sameera. She tried to teach Sameerra how to write a letter,  but …

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Apr 15

Dear Whiskers chapter one

My favorite part of Chapter one was when all the 3rd graders read their letters. My favorite was Jenny’s (the main character). -Dylan

Jun 05

The Mouse and the Motorcycle

My favorite part in this book is where Ralph finds the motorcycle and rids it. Then he rids it into the trash can. So there was a apple core in the trash and Ralph ate it, and then he went to sleep. He was awoken by foot steps coming to the room.  A boy that …

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Jun 04

Tigers at Twilight

My favorite part was when the tiger popped out of the bush. Cam

Jun 02

Tigers at Twilight

My most favorite part of this book is when Jack and Annie find a puppy named Teddy. Teddy is a dog with tan fur..  Cam

Apr 21

New Reading Unit – Garbage


We are kicking off a new reading unit garbage and recycling! Your children over the next several weeks will be diving into answering some important questions: * What is garbage? Where does it go? Even what is dung? ( third grade boys love to talk about this!) They will learn the history of garbage – …

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