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We are Harley 3rd grade students. It is an independent private school. We love our school because we do lots of fun activities. Some of these are May Day (A day where the whole school plays outside together), we created our own organic garlic company called Harlic, and we go to assemblies each week where the whole lower school shares what they are doing each week. There are so many fun activities we do at Harley and in 3rd grade. During the day, we go to PE every day (except Wedesdays), art, music plus, french, performing arts, technology, and literature. Our specials make Harley special. Lunch at Harley is awesome and delicious. We have an organic garden at school and we grow vegetables for lunch. We have a lot of choices and a great, big salad bar! On Tuesdays and Thursdays we have dessert. Our favorite lunches are turkey burgers, chicken tenders, fish sticks, macaroni and cheese, and grilled cheese and tomato soup. All of our food is home made in our cafeteria. Is your food awesome? What part of school do you like? We also would love to know where you are from so we can track all of the new friends we make on our map!

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  1. Carole

    My daughter Ali is new to Harley this year (3rd Grade). From her first day of school, I have never seen her this excited about school! In our daily review of how her day went, she MUST start by telling me what she had for lunch, then we move on to all the exciting daily experiences; reviewing Blueprints, meeting an Architect, planting in the garden, tasting freshly picked lettuce and being part of the school’s garlic company – then I get quizzed “Do you know what the garlic company is called?”. Thank goodness I have been reading the Blogs and teacher daily notes, so I could answer that question! Harley makes learning so much fun that I have stopped asking Ali “what did you learn today?” instead I ask “what did you DO today.” Clearly, she is learning a lot, but the first question seems rigid and judgemental, and I get richer and more excited responses when I ask her what she did today. I too am learning a lot! Thank you to the 3rd Grade Teachers & Dr Smith for your work and infectious great attitudes.

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