Humphrey’s Really Wheely Racing Day

Humphrey is a hamster. He is a class pet.  He has a friend named Winky (Mandy’s Hamster).  Once Mandy ( a girl in Humphrey’s class)  figured that her class was having  a racing tournament.  She got Humphrey ready for it and Humphrey got Winky ready for  the racing  tournament.  There is also a frog racing tournament. Og (Mandy’s class frog) is driving against a toad named George.   He made a big leap, but Og tried his best and won! Mandy’s teachers names are Mrs. Brisbane and the other teacher name is Mr. Morales. Humphrey and Winky have the same car but different colors.  Humphrey and Winky and Winky won!

I like this book because it was interesting and very fun to read.  I hope the next person who reads this book likes it too.


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