Nov 04

Taking a closer look at packaging

After our book The Stinking Story of Garbage, we decided to take a closer look at landfills and learn just how long it takes items to decompose. Group 2 was first to learn this, and group 1 and 3 will start tomorrow.

We learned that glass, styrofoam, and tinfoil do not ever decompose! That is a HUGE problem because we know there are a LOT in landfills. We also learned that diapers take 550 years to break down, while cardboard only takes about 2 months.

Many of these items can be easily recycled.

Group 2 was able to take a look at some packaging. We know that packaging often ends up in the trash. They looked at what they liked about the packaging, what is bad for the environment about it, and what they would do to improve the packaging to make it better for the environment.

Here is group 2 in action.