Nov 21

3rd graders and Money

Since we are almost done with our garlic company, we thought it would be fun to peek inside the mind of a 3rd grader to find out what they would do if they had 10,000 dollars.  Now it did require a bit of prep because some of them talked about buying a house or buying a Lamborghini, but once they really thought about it… it was funny to see what they came up with!  (these are in no particular order).

If I had $10,000 I would buy:

pair of shoes

a hot tub

a 3-d t.v.

a smart board

Harlic Garlic

A lot of candy

all of the shopkins

an elephant

present for a teacher (our favorite, of course!)

a parrot

a trip

a lifetime supply of candy

spy cameras

a baby tiger

more cats

a tv for the bathroom    (not a bad idea…)


smelly stickers

a puppy

a Nerf gun for the puppy

There you have it – the mind of a third grader :)  These made us laugh!