May 13

Mouse With A Question Mark Tail

After I finished Dear Whiskers, I have been reading Mouse With A Question Mark Tail. He went to the Royal Mews Academy for mice. The bully in the school beet up on him so the cat let him follow him to the barn where they met the horse. The horse’s name is Peg. The mouse wanted to escape from the Mews Academy. Peg let him ride in his ear so he could go somewhere else. Peg was picking up the queen for the Jubilee parade. The mouse with no name got flicked out of Peg’s ear in the middle of the street and got caught in a butterfly net a mouses steppedĀ  out from behind the bushes. The mouse’s name was Ian. Ian used his sword to cut the mouse from the net and led him to the Yeomouse territory. Ian got him dressed up for the parade of the Prince Bruno Havarti. The next night on patrol, while Ian needed to get something from the mouse palace the mouse got snatched up by a bat. He lost his uniform and his sword. He squirmed out of the bat’s talons and landed in a bowl of punch being delivered to the queen. He caught a ride on a servants apron strings. When they were in the queen’s room, she started to talk to him. The queen said to go to the attic. So he did. The bats in the attic dressed him in a new uniform. He asked a question to the bat leader. The question was, “What is my name?” The answer that he got was that his name was Ludvig. He said that every prince gets named Ludvig. After the bat leader had said that everyone bowed down. Bat pilots picked him up and dropped him at the mouse queens paws. As soon as he had said that he was her grandson the queen did not believe him. When the queen saw his tail though, she realized that it was in question mark and then she believed him.