May 14

The School Mouse

The  School Mouse is about a family of mice living in a school. The main character is Flora and she gets education unlike most mice. When she was in kindergarten she began to read, and then her education developed into first grade and second grade.  Her mom is Hyacinth and her dad is Robert. In the story, her brothers and sisters were poisoned by a set-out-trap with pills. Her mother had another litter of mice and they decided to  move out of the school and into a big haystack. There, all the mice died except one which was “love-in-a-mist”. Flora had met another mouse named Buck, and according to her, he was her boyfriend . When her parents came back, she decided to teach them all the stuff she had learned. During that time, Love-in-a-mist” ran off coming back with a boyfriend. Then, they all lived happily with the new 6 mice and Buck, Haycorn , Lovey(love-in-a-mist), Flora and her parents.

-Jiaschool mouse