Sep 30

Moving Up

I was so happy when I went up to the next floor and got  desk’s, locker’s and started learning how to play instruments! 3rd Grade is in my top five favorite grades. We just started blogging and using computers! We also started cursive, and I all ready know how to write my name in cursiveI feel older and more responsible! A couple day’s ago I played four corners, and I got out in the first round. We started reading a new book called Lafcadio the Lion who Shot Back.   I really like the book so far.  I started basketball with Mrs.Tolhurst!  In performing arts, we are watching a movie about Beethoven.  Also, we did flips on the beanbag!!  In gym,  I thought nothing could get worse than the category of  cooperative games, but it was walking. Who walks in gym? At least next week is swimming.  We are starting Harlic Garlic!  We think we can plant 840 cloves!!! My friends and I built the map for the garden together.  We can’t start planting until it stops raining. Happy Halloween!!!!