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May 19

The Mouse and the Motorcycle Chapter 10,

On page 111 it talks about Keith not feeling good.  He has a fever.   It reminds me of having a 100 degree fever. I felt super bad back then.  It was when I was in 2nd grade and I was on a trip to Maryland to see my family for Thanksgiving. – Chris

May 17

Adventure in the night!

My favorite part of chapter 5  ( Adventure in the Night) was when Ralph was in the hallway and its getting close to morning, so he knew that he needed to come back to room 215.  When he noticed the door  was shut,  he knew from experience that he could slide under the door.  He …

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May 17

The Mouse and the Motorcycle Chapter 9

My favorite part of chapter 9 was when Ralph was sitting on the window sill in the middle of the night. It is my favorite part because it is the only non boring part in that chapter. I think it is more exciting when Ralph is on the motorcycle. By Sam

May 17

Dear Whiskers

On page 46  it talks about Jenny’s class getting letters, but she dos not get one because Sammeera  can’t write in English.  It  reminds me of the time that my new neighbor  moved in my friend and I where writing letters to them .       Olivia C :lol:  :

May 16

The Mouse and The Motorcycle

In reading, we are reading books about burrowing animals. The three books were called Humphrey`s Really Wheely Racing Day, Dear Whiskers, and The Mouse and The Motorcycle. I am reading the Mouse and The Motorcycle. The book is about a mouse who rides a motorcycle and then I am at the part where he loses …

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May 13

Dear Whiskers Chapter 7

In chapter 7 Jenny reads to Sammeera . This chapter reminds me of when i had to read to my brother.   – Olivia C

May 13

The Mouse And The Motorcycle

My favorite part of chapter 5 was when Ralph got to ride Keith’s motorcycle down the hall of the motel.This is my favorite part of chapter 5 because even tough I never have, riding a motorcycle defiantly sounds fun. -Ari

May 13

Dear Whiskers Chapter 6

In chapter 6 it talks about how Jenny was going to Sameera’s classroom.   When the teacher saw Jenny, she  welcomed her into the classroom.  When Jenny came into the classroom, Sammera was teaching a kid in her class how to make a painted leaf on paper. Then the teacher looked at the time and …

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May 12

The Mouse And The Motorcycle

On page 36-37 it talks about Ralph pretending he was asleep. it reminds me of when I read at night.   When my mom comes up stairs, I put the book on my night stand, put my head down, and look like i’m asleep. – Ari

May 10

Mouse and the Motorcycle chapter 5

I am reading Mouse and the Motorcycle. My favorite part of chapter 5 is when the mouse is zooming down the hotel hall.  He was riding a motorcycle with a dog chasing him.  He makes a motorcycle sound and it goes. – Mady

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