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Apr 07

Stone Fox


After taking the time to read the story: Stone Fox – the children are excited to watch the movie. The movie was an option to choose for the afternoon and they got to write the similarities and differences in a graphic organizer. They found many differences!

Apr 07

3b dog sled dioramas


3b has been plugging along in Literature circles and have all finished their books. Because of this, they are starting a project to showcase their learning. They have been learning how to sequence events in a story. For their project, they have to choose 4 parts of their Alaska book and create a diorama that …

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Oct 29

What are literature circles?

Check out 3c here: Each child meets in groups of 3 or 4 to discuss the book. The students are taking turns being the group leader. They are learning to agree or disagree and to share their ideas about the chapter. They discuss comprehension questions and the each one has a different job to share. …

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Oct 09

Tools That Help With Reading


The 3rd grade is using tools to help us read books in class. One tool that we are using is a highlighter strip. Highlighter strips are a bookmark that helps you focus on one sentence at a time. Another tool is a whisper phone. These phones help the reader hear (in a quiet way) what …

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Sep 26

Poem Madness!


trim.GJCU02   3A made a long fall poem about well… fall! Then we had to have partners for the next one.  It was a math poem! So two people might share one of the poems at assembly… but not for parents.    I like it because it was really easy to read and it was fun. Nolan

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