Mar 16

This is Harley!


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  1. Harley Third Grade

    This is a slideshow that we created. All 3a students came up with what they want they wanted to showcase at Harley and then took the pictures. We used animoto to create this short and fun slideshow. Enjoy!

  2. Milena

    Beautiful video!

  3. Jim Tiffin Jr

    What a wonderful video! Your pictures captured some of the best places at Harley to share with others. They even include special events that are going on only right now, like the Upper School’s stage for "Little Women" and the Sand Mandala that Lama Tenzin is constructing in the Gallery. Do you think you’ll be able to share other special events at Harley in the future?

  4. Kunal

    Very nice work 3A. Love the way you have captured the school and the video is very well done as well.

  5. Harley Third Grade

    Hi this is Noah. Thanks for commennting on are blog video. Mr. Tiffin, we can not wait to make another one! What would you like us to video next? We were thinking of making one for the mandala.

  6. Jim Tiffin Jr

    Hello Noah, and the rest of 3A. The Sand Mandala would be a great idea to make a video about. Perhaps you can even do a short interview with Lama Tenzin to include. You should definitely capture the ceremony that takes place when the Sand Mandala is completed. When will it be finished?

  7. debbieparker29

    Hi this is Erin’s mom. Your video captures so many wonderful things about Harley!Especially the mandala. You did a great job 3a!

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