Oct 03

Cooking With Garlic

Hi! In science we were making garlic beans and  bread. First we snapped the beans.  We also pressed and dissected the garlic, and then we cooked it with olive oil.  Then we stirred it and we ate it! 


Third Grader


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  1. JeanetteA

    Yum! I love to cook with garlic, especially when we use it to make homemade spaghetti sauce. I wonder how you all liked the taste of what you cooked together? I know some kids think it has a bitter taste.

  2. Jeanette Atkinson

    Yum! I love cooking with garlic, especially when my son Daniel helps me make homemade spaghetti sauce! :) I wonder how you all liked the taste of what you made? I know some kids who think garlic tastes bitter.

  3. kakia

    Thank you for the recipe. We are going to try it very soon!

  4. Jeanette Atkinson

    Yum! This looks delicious- how did you all like the taste? I know some kids think garlic tastes bitter.

  5. Lucy

    I liked doing that

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