Oct 16

Field Trip to the EquiCenter

On Monday we went to the Equicenter.  We saw a horse named Raine.  We learned a lot about horses and we got to pet the horse.  There was a dog named “Dutch” and his owner owned the Equicenter.  We learned that the horses help kids with disibilities.  After we saw the horses, we planted garlic.  We planted abut 160 cloves.








  1. Hope

    You all did an AWESOME job today !Did you have a favorite job? Trenching? Planting? Sorting? Keeping the string line straight?!? They were all important; and we couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help! I think I liked digging in the dirt creating trench for the garlic:)

  2. Harley Third Grade

    All in all – we liked every job, but we especially liked trenching, too!

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