May 15

Fifty Nifty united states!

I am learning about the fifty states [and the other third graders] I WAS going to pick Massachusetts, the home of the best baseball team ever- THE BOSTON RED SOX!, until someone else got it first Cry. Me and the other third graders again sang the Fifty Nifty United States from Alabama to Wyoming and it only took about 3 minutes! We also sang Saraspanda, Saraspanda! The third graders have a test about the united states.  It’s where you have to name all the correct states  in the correct place.  The Test is  in 2 weeks!  I surprisingly cant wait for the test! I sometimes get Colorado mixed up with Wyoming, don’t you? Because they’re both squares but in different spots.  Well if the kids who have the 50 states thing on there desk and look at it the whole time they would be cheating! Because it shows you where the states go and what the states are! so some of you… don’t look at your name tag on your desk!




THE END.         Nolan

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  1. Jenny (Sy's mom)

    Nolan, if I had to take that test I would probably fail. I get almost the whole west mixed up! I’ve got a pretty good handle on the northeast, the southeast and the midwest, though, so I guess that’s not too bad. Sy and Vi have been singing that song for the last 2 weeks and I absolutely LOVE it!

    Good luck on your test tomorrow!

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