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Nov 05

Halloween Pictures!


The third graders had a blast with Halloween this year!  We all enjoyed seeing everyone’s costumes! 

Oct 21

Writing our Community Interviews


The students of 3rd grade are working diligently on their interviews.  They have learned how to take part of the question and combine it with the answer, to make one terrific sentence.  For example:  If the question asks “how does his or her job contribute to the community”, they have to write:  “Her job contributes …

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Oct 16



In Third Grade, we talked about the function of the leaf.  We learned that leaves need CO2, water, and sunlight to make food (sugar) and also oxygen.  The water in the bottle below will turn blue when it has oxygen.  We predicted that as photosynthesis happens, the water will turn blue – as soon as …

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Oct 14

Reading Class

In reading, we have  been  learning about   garbage.    55%   of  garbage is plastic.      It takes  some  plastic 1000  years  to break  down.   All nature   makes waste.    There  are  liquids that are garbage  that  sink to water systems.  Some landfills have  protection for that.  There is so much  waste!  There is a landfill in New …

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Sep 30

Moving Up

I was so happy when I went up to the next floor and got  desk’s, locker’s and started learning how to play instruments! 3rd Grade is in my top five favorite grades. We just started blogging and using computers! We also started cursive, and I all ready know how to write my name in cursive.  …

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Sep 30

Special Visitor to our Community Meeting Time


This morning, Mr.  Hartman stopped in for a talk about the garden.  We were hoping to plant garlic this week, but unfortunately it is raining.  (A LOT!)  Mr.  Hartman reminded us about how being a good farmer means being patient with the weather.  We will try to plant next week.  We still have a lot …

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Sep 30

Building with pasta and marshmallows


We where using dry pasta and marshmallows to build the tallest tower, but we had to work as a team of four.  It was hard.   Ours collapsed, but it was really fun!   Well… bye! This post was brought to you by…..Riley!

Sep 29

Team Work in Gym

In Gym, I loved how we did a lot of team work games.  We started out with a bean bag and when it got tossed up, someone would have to catch it.  More were added.  It would give us a challenge because it would get harder and harder as the game went on. I loveThe …

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Sep 23



Lafcadio is a funny story that we are reading in class.  It is about a lion that learned how to use a gun.  Any time he did not get what he wanted he went “grrroar’.  He got a hair cut for free he got his pus shined and his nails done.  Now he is going …

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Sep 23

Four corners

Hi! In 3a, we have been playing Four Corners. We’ve played three games already. You hide in four corners then someone is blindfolded and then points to one corner. If you are in the corner you are out. erica

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