Sep 19

Adventures with Mr. Hartman!

This week and last week, we went to the Harley microgarden.  We asked questions and made observations, because we wanted to find out things about the garden that we didn’t know. For example, Isabelle asked the following question, “When are we doing Harlic Garlic?”  That is a very good question!  Syler noticed that the sunflowers are very big in the garden.  He’s right!  

We also planted sea seeds. First, we made trenches in the dirt. Next, we put peas in the trenches about two fingers apart. Lastly, we covered up the peas with dirt.  It was awesome and fun! 


Syler, Ali, Bridget, Elise, and Isabelle in 3B


  1. Joseph's Mom

    How many of the kids in your class have a garden at home? What do you grow in your gardens?

  2. joettinger

    There are 7 people with a garden in our class.We have basil,peas,apples,lettuce,raspberries,and other stuff.do you have a garden?


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