Sep 26

How to play wall ball.

imageIf your wondering what all those boys are doing at recess…well sometimes girls, too… are playing a game…. called…here it comes…. wall ball! So, this is how you play… dundundundundundun… wall ball!

These are the rules:

When somebody throws  the ball at the wall and the ball hits you, you have to run to the wall as fast as you can! There’s also something I like to use (somepeople call it cheating). Its called black magic! Its when you touch someone with the ball and throw the ball  at the wall. So then there out or when you don’t feel like you can throw the ball from that far away, you just chuck it back and sprint for your life! So, you don’t get that oppertunity every day,  it’s like a once in a life time kinda thing, you know? So the main obvective of the game is to get every one out by seeing somebody double touch the ball and you grab the ball and throw it before they touch the wall and they’re out! So those are basicly the ways of wall ball. If this sounds like fun and want to play then come on out and meet me Lucas,Stanford,AlexW,Alexs and Max sometimes,if hes playing,which he’s never playing so… Oh! and Gabe and many others so see you there!



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  1. Karen

    That sounds like great fun but I am sure that you are too fast for me! I’m more like Mall ball or try not to fall ball.

    1. Nolan

      Yeah, you probably are no offense but you would be better at mall ball or try not to fall ball.


  2. Noah B.'s Mom

    Thank you so much for explaining Wall Ball! Is there another game you all play, called Star Wars? Or is that the same thing?

    1. joettinger

      no not really, it’s basically the same thing as battle ship but with out the ball.

  3. Jennifer Creech (Sy's mom)

    What happens if someone catches the ball as it bounces off the wall once you’ve thrown it? Are you out? What happens if they try to catch it but miss?

    1. joettinger

      Do you mean if someone catches a ball and it bounces off the wall there not out …well i don’t really know how to respond to that .why don’t you ask syler? hes an expert :) I’m always neck and neck with him.

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