Mar 06

puppet show from the middle schoolers

Today the middle schooler’s did a puppet show.  At first I didn’t know what they where doing, but when the teacher told us that they where doing a tail told from country to country. The teacher said they where the same, but they really sounded different. The first one was about a princess, a bird, and a boy.  The princess had a lot of golden hair and the bird asked the princess very nicely to have a little lock of her golden hair for her nest. The princess said no meanly the bird and she said you will regret that then the bird flew away then a dust cloud blew onto the princess and when it blew away, the princess was bald.  They boy saw all of this.  That night, the boy dreamed that he saw the bird and he was chasing it and tried to catch it but it flew away.  If you want to know more… ask a third grader!

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  1. Nicki

    Hey third grader! I want to know more! :-D

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