Sep 25


We are reading Lafcadio. Lafcadio is a story about a lion named “grumph” or “mrumph” or “prumph”. So anyway, he was a happy lion that lived in the jungle, and he ate raw rabbits, laid in the sun and drink water from the stream and was lazy. So one day, he was sleeping under the warm sun, and he herd a “BOOM!” All the lions jumped up and ran but there was one lion that did not was “grumph” or “mrumph “or “pru…” wait i think we have gone over this before. Then he went out and he ate a hunter like normal lions and stole the hunters gun and tried to shoot with his paw and it worked! He practiced and practiced and then he was so good, he cold shoot everything. One day, a circus man came and asked, “Do you want to be in my circus?” “sure” So they went to the city and went to the restaurant and the owner said, I do not allow lions! “Grumph’” said the lion – have a seat!
To find out more, read the book!