Sep 25

Lafacadio – by Shel Silverstein

In Lafcadio, there is a lion that saw a hunter. He ate the hunter and took his gun. Then he ate all the hunters. The a circus man came and said, “will you be in my circus?”He said, “yes!” “Well, then let’s get moving,” said the circus man. So they went to New York City. They went to a restaurant. They did not let lafcadio in but lafcadio said, “roooooooooooar”. So, they let him in! He order a marshmallow. The next day, he went to the circus. It went really well and traveled around the world.



  1. Kate E

    Nice post! I love the writing! I feel like I read the book now.

  2. Lisa Amma Eisenberg

    Can’t wait to come to grandparents’ day in November and hear more about what the third graders are reading!

  3. Melanie Kalman

    Great post. I want to read the book, go to New York, AND go to the circus. Thanks

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