Daily Archive: April 20, 2015

Apr 20

Humphreys Really Wheely Racing Day

I like when Humphrey got in the bright blue car. I like it because he was spinning like crazy. -Megan

Apr 20

The Mouse and the Motorcycle, chapter 1 by Jack

One day the Gridleys were driving from Ohio to a hotel in California (The Mountain View Inn). The Gridleys have a boy named Keith. As soon as they got there Mrs. Gridley started complaining about how it was out of style, old, and that it might have mice. As soon as the Gridleys told Keith …

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Apr 20

The Mouse and The MOTORCYCLE Ch 2

Ralph saw the perfect motorcycle.It was shiny and great for him.He rode his cool motorcycle around until he could not stop. He fell into a waste basket. Then he was stuck! -Max