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Apr 24

The Mouse and The Motorcycle

My favorite part of chapter 4 in the Mouse and The Motorcycle, is when Keith tries to wake up Ralph even though Ralph was awake. Ralph gets to ride the motorcycle making a “phhhhhhhhh” noise to work it.     Reece

Apr 24

The Mouse and The Motorcycle Chapter 4 By Jack

mouse and the motorcycle image

  At the beginning of the chapter,  Ralph wakes up in the garbage can. Keith is looking for his “missing” toy motorcycle. He looks in lots of places, and then looks in the garbage can.   He finds his toy and Ralph.  Then they somehow have a conversation. The boy gives him a choice, he …

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Apr 24

The Mouse and the Motorcycle Ch 5


My favorite part of the chapter was when Keith found Ralph. Ralph is a mouse,Keith is a boy. Ralph was in the trash. Keith and Ralph could communicate because they loved motorcycles. Keith and Ralph were good friends right away. Keith even let Ralph ride his motorcycle. by: Alma