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Sep 20

Cursive With a Twist!


You should have seen just how surprised the kids were when the found out they were practicing their cursive in shaving cream!   They had a blast!

Sep 19

Adventures with Mr. Hartman!

This week and last week, we went to the Harley microgarden.  We asked questions and made observations, because we wanted to find out things about the garden that we didn’t know. For example, Isabelle asked the following question, “When are we doing Harlic Garlic?”  That is a very good question!  Syler noticed that the sunflowers are …

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Sep 17

White group gardeners


Planting peas

Sep 13

Meet Mrs. Green!


Hello Third Graders and Families! My name is Mrs. Green, the student teacher! I am currently a student at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Geneseo who is finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood and Special Education. While studying education in college, I also minored in environmental studies, which is a passion of …

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Sep 12

Adventures of French class

creek 2

  This week was our first week of French class. Mr. Blanc took us in the creek! We had to find rocks, shells, and there was glass in the creek.  We went so we could get stuff for the class nature box!  We are learning the words for these items in French. From, 3A – …

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Mar 28

Last day of Focus Week pics!

Last day of Focus Week pics!

Mar 22

First Day of Focus Week – the Official Kick Off!

First Day of Focus Week - the Official Kick Off!

Today we learned all about the Erie Canal from 4th grade. Had a Train Conductor (Mr. Rzepka) from CSX come and teach us all about what it is like to drive a train. He is a long time friend of Mrs. Oettinger, and we were so happy to have him volunt…

Mar 21

Transcontinental Railroad Game

Transcontinental Railroad Game

Games were held in each homeroom. Each Team – Union Pacific or the Central Pacific had to complete a set of challenges (Math, facts, Physical) and race to the finish line. We celebrated by placing the Golden Spike and having a special Transcontint…

Mar 05

Steam Engine with Mr. Hartman

Steam Engine with Mr.  Hartman

Yesterday, in Social Studies, Mr. Hartman brought in some materials to show us how steam engines work. He used a propane torch to heat up water and created steam. The pressure makes the stream engine move forward. Here are some videos. Eric and Mr…

Feb 28

3a Reader’s Theater

The Prince Frog

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