Sep 12

Adventures of French class


This week was our first week of French class. Mr. Blanc took us in the creek! We had to find rocks, shells, and there was glass in the creek.  We went so we could get stuff for the class nature box!  We are learning the words for these items in French.


3A – This was our test post for the blog!


creek 2


  1. Stephanie Townsend

    That looks like a lot of fun! You are so lucky to have a creek right next to the school. Bonne chance à apprendre le français!

  2. Judy

    Besides glass, what other types of items did you locate in the Creek for your nature boxes? Did you find any shiny rocks? what about sharp rocks? were most rocks that you saw smooth or sharp?

    1. joettinger

      We found a lot of things. We found 2 nuts, some leaves, and maybe about 18 pieces of glass.
      We didn’t find so many rocks, but I don’t know what kind it was. Being in the creek is fun!


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