Apr 06

Meet Miss. Santella

Hello third graders and families,

My name is Miss. Santella and I am so excited to be your new student teacher! I am currently a senior at the State University of New York at Geneseo and am working towards receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Childhood and Special Education. I also recently finished my Bachelor’s degree in Spanish language and literature in December!

I grew up in Canandaigua where I graduated from Canandaigua Academy before venturing to SUNY Geneseo. I absolutely love Upstate New York and could not ever imagine leaving. I recently finished my first student teaching placement in the Rochester City School District and am so excited to start my adventure at Harley. Over the past four years, I have had teaching experience in Canandaigua Elementary School, Geneseo Elementary School, and Rochester City Schools at School 12, 34, and 50. Third grade was one of my favorite grades and I cannot wait to share in your third grade experience.

Some of my passions include dance, photography, and traveling. Traveling is by far one of my favorite activities. I have been lucky enough to travel to places such as Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and through several states here in the United States. I also lived in Ecuador for four months last year, January until April, to work on my Spanish degree. I have met so many people and learned so much from all of these cultures and I am hoping to teach you about some of them as well!

I am very excited to work and teach you many different things! Again, third grade was my favorite year when I was in school. I want to make third grade your favorite year as well!

Miss. Santella



I visited the equator last January. Yes, it really is hot there!

I visited the equator last January. Yes, it really is hot there!

While abroad, I meet many new people and animals, including this crab.

While abroad, I meet many new people and animals, including this crab.


While abroad, I taught at an orphanage. We made cookies one day because they did not know what they were!

While abroad, I taught at an orphanage. We made cookies one day because they did not know what they were!


Apr 02

Bridget’s Passion

Bridget showed us many pictures of her passion- animals. We learned that she likes the fuzzy, furry kind, but she also likes snails and worms, too! She has 26 snails!


Mar 26

3rd Graders with the Dance Connection

The third graders delivered a magical performance with Susan Wear and the Dance Connection from the ARC. They were so good and brought tears to our eyes with their sincere performance. A job well done!






Mar 26

Josie’s Passion – water!

Josie share her passion for sailing, wake boarding and more! She had an excellent slide show showing us pictures of her sailing in Maine and Rochester. We loved all the pictures and props!


Mar 19

Hannah’s Passion

Hannah S brought in so many wonderful things that showcases her passion – horses!
From a saddle, to brushes, to plastic horses, and pictures. We learned all about how to care for horses and riding them – great job, Hannah!




Mar 17

Miss Saroli’s last day!

We will miss you, Miss Saroli! She is heading to Naples to do her 2nd placement. After that, she will head south to sunny Florida to attend the Disney College Program! If you plan on heading to disney during the months of September – January, you might see her as a character!

Thank you for all the memories- you are so special to us!






Mar 17

Irish Music on St. Patrick’s Day!

Roisin Dubh, traditional Celtic music ensemble comprised of students from E. Rochester, led by Mark Gowman, was here for a performance in the THEATER from 10:45-11:25. They played a variety of Irish tunes on traditional and non-traditional instruments (fiddle, whistle, mandolin, guitar, Irish flute, cojon, etc.).

What a perfect Irish treat!




Mar 14

Kicking off Focus Week with Alaska Books!

3b was the first of the 3 groups to receive their books on Alaska. In reading, all literature circle books are based on a dog sled theme. 3c and 3a will get their books next week.

We first watched a documentary about Balto to learn the history of the iditarod, and then we selected which book we wanted to read.

The three books for our book groups are

* Balto: the bravest dog ever
*Stone Fox
*Dog Diaries: Togo

We learned that both Balto and Togo were part of the dog sled teams that ran medicine to sick children to Nome, Alaska. It is the run that has inspired the iditarod, today.



Mar 07

Building with keva blocks

Check out what some friends have been working on during choice time.

This makes me wish summer was coming soon!


Mar 06

AWESOME recess!

Yesterday at recess third grade went out side. My friends and I chose to go sledding. My first try failed, but after that, we went to a different spot on the hill. It was better than the first try. But on one of the ways down the hill I crashed into the bench.  My sled went under the bench and it hit  my stomach!  It hurt a lot but I was laughing. I got back up and went again.  It was really fun.When I went another time, I did the same thing except I did it to my elbow that hurt too.


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