Nov 01


Oct 19

Tedd Arnold

Tedd Arnold visited our school and shared some fantastic stories!

Pictures by Olivia

Oct 19

Miss Kuss

Miss Kuss was 3C’s student teacher for the first few months of school. This is her last day in 3rd Grade. 3rd grade misses her all ready! Miss Kuss was a really good math and social studies teacher.


Oct 17

Math Subtraction Scavenger Hunt

In Math class (3b) we did a scavenger hunt to find subtraction problems from a to d and we had to answer them.

- Julia

Oct 17


In third grade, we have been interviewing Harley community members and our parents. We each get to interview a teacher or staff member at Harley and then we will type up the interview.  This wil help us be better writers and better typers.


Oct 16

Field Trip to the EquiCenter

On Monday we went to the Equicenter.  We saw a horse named Raine.  We learned a lot about horses and we got to pet the horse.  There was a dog named “Dutch” and his owner owned the Equicenter.  We learned that the horses help kids with disibilities.  After we saw the horses, we planted garlic.  We planted abut 160 cloves.







Oct 15

Lit Circles

In Third grade we are doing Literary Circles.  In lit circles, we read a chapter of our book and then we answer questions about the chapter.  Then we have to do a job.  The jobs are artist, discussion, words, and connector.  The connector is…. like when you connect something to your life.

- Chris


Oct 13

3a is busy in the morning!

Oct 10


In 3rd grade we are learning about the election.  We went into all 3 classrooms to learn about the election timeline, the electoral college, and facts about the presidents.  Well, now I have to go home!


Third Grader

Oct 03

Cooking With Garlic

Hi! In science we were making garlic beans and  bread. First we snapped the beans.  We also pressed and dissected the garlic, and then we cooked it with olive oil.  Then we stirred it and we ate it! 


Third Grader

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