May 27

Third Grade Class Play

Wow – kiddos sure did an amazing job!  Here is the video as promised!

May 25

Class Play – The Hunchback and the Swan

Our class play was today – the third graders did an amazing job!  Here are a few pictures.  The video will be coming to the blog soon!!

play 4 play1 play2 play3 play5

May 25

Chapter 12 of Dear Whiskers

My favorite part of the chapter was when Jenny got all of the letters from the second grade because it made me feel good that she got some letters. :lol:


May 25

Luke`s Favorite Parts of 3rd Grade

Hi! I`m Luke, And these are my favorite parts of 3rd grade!

1. First Day I was excited and a little scared. It was my first year with a locker and homework, but it turned out pretty good.

2. Martin Luther King Jr. Day There were fun activities and making things for people. I loved the snack place!

3. Elf Day I loved getting served by the seniors! (I also liked the food.)

4. Chinese New Year I loved the food and activities!

5. May Day I loved spending the afternoon outside!

Thanks for reading my first blog! Bye!

May 24

Dear Whiskers

On page 59 it talks about Jenny  making mouse cookies for Sameera. It reminds me of when I made Christmas cookies for my family and for my street .


May 20

chapter 11 The Mouse and the Motorcycle

It all starts out in the middle of the night… Where Ralph has to find an aspirin tablet for Keith. Everybody in Ralph’s family says,  “No you could get poisoned  by the aspirin tablet.” (But Ralph goes out anyway.)  He searches every single room on the 2nd floor.  When he gets to the last room, he noticed it was silent.  Then someone woke up!  A lady noticed him and he got trapped by a glass cup.  She woke up another lady and they both thought he would make a great class pet.

The ladies thought about it, but realized they were going to San Fransisco and Disney Land.  They wondered how he would make it all the way there.  They tossed him out the window instead.  Ralph grabbed on to a vine, but the chapter ended in a cliffhanger!!! Literally!!!

- Dylan

May 19

Sumary of Chapter 11

In chapter 11 Betty and Mary Lou want to bring Ralph to Wichita. Ralph had to go out into the hotel to find Keith.  He got trappped in a cage.    The hotel has a school and now he is the class pet.


May 19

Runaway Ralph

In reading we have been reading books about burrowing animals and I am reading Runaway Ralph. My favorite part is when Ralph runs away. The reason he runs away is because Ralph wants to run away from his family, because he does not want to push his siblings down the hall and back (which  his mom pushed him to push his siblings).                                 Gabe

May 19

Run Away Ralph

I’m reading Run Away Ralph and it is really fun.   My favorite part is when Ralph has to give his little siblings a ride on his Motorcycle, and he gets really mad and speeds of into the grandfather clock.

- Zach

May 19

dear whiskers

On page 48 it talks about Jenny getting an idea for Sameera,  so she made a lot of questions. It reminds me of when I was trying to get an idea for my grandmas card.  It took me a long time to make her card.  It had stickers, sparkles, and drawings.


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