Sep 07

Get to know Mrs. O!

My name is Mrs. Oettinger. I have been teaching at Harley for eight years. I taught in Nursery Yellow for three years and have been teaching Third Grade for four years. My favorite subject to teach is reading and I also love geography. I have a passion for poetry, and I also love getting kids excited about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). My favorite part of Harley is Halloween and Elf Day.

I live in Ontario, NY with my husband, Phil. We have two daughters named Addison (she is in Primary C) and Elise (she is two and a half). We also have the world’s naughtiest dog named Ronin and two very lazy kitties.

When I’m not at Harley, I love to read, garden, snowboard, run…well…sometimes, bake, and chase my kids all over the house! I try to be outside as much as possible. I can be a bit of a neat freak and my favorite food is steak and spaghetti. Yum! I am also a coffee and tea fanatic! I enjoy cheering on the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, and women’s soccer (Go Abby!).

I am looking forward to getting to know all of my 3rd graders and their families. The best part of Harley is the community we create! (That and the lunches).

I can’t wait to start blogging with all of you! What an adventure we will have!
- Mrs. Oettinger


This is Addison and Elise!


My family – our trip to Hershey Park



Ronin – our crazy Shiba Inu.


Halloween 2012 – I love the parade at Harley!


I don’t get to snowboard as often as I should, but it sure is fun!


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  1. Mrs T

    I love your pictures. Your dog looks very clever.

  2. Judy

    How long have you been snowboarding? What advice might you offer in favor of snowboarding to someone who might want to learn?

  3. joettinger

    Thank you, my dog IS very clever…. maybe a little too clever! He loves to get in the garbage.

    I have been snowboarding for 12 years. You would think I am amazing after twelve years of snowboarding, but I fall a lot. My advice is to wear comfy and padded gear! A helmet is important, too!
    What winter activity do you like?

  4. Gabriel Bennett

    I love math TOO. I like it because of the games. The gamess are made up by Harley or were they already made up?
    My fave subject is PE I love tag well…buffalo tag. It’s when you run from a man with a scary taser stick :(.
    When you get tagged you roll on your back with your arms up.


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