Apr 25

worm books

In reading we have been reading and learning about worms. My favorite book was Marty Mcguire digs worms. In the book the kids have to do a project that can help the earth. Marty makes a worm bin to put food scraps. A few days in the worms get out! Marty needs to clean up all the worms. At the end Marty gets a prize! her and her friend celebrate there prizes.


Apr 22

Reading class

In reading/writing we have been studying worms and read three worm books called “How to Eat Fried Worms”, “Marty McGuire Digs Worms”, and “Cam Jansen Green School Mystery.” I enjoyed reading How to Eat Fried Worms the most, because it is very funny and disgusting, but I like disgusting things. Best combination ever! It was disgusting because Billy put so much ketchup, mustard, horseradish sauce, and hot sauce on his worm and he ate it!  I dont really like eating any of those things.  (especially the ketchup) I didn`t  really like Cam Jansen because it was pretty short and I finished it in 1 class.


Apr 22

worm books in reading class.

In reading class we are reading worm books. We got to choose 1 book out of 3, but i was able to read all 3 books, because I finished my first book earlier.   After How to Eat Fried Worms, I read Marty McGuire Digs Worms, then I finished that and read Cam Jansen Green School Mystery. My favorite book was How To Eat Fried Worms because its really funny and kind of disgusting, but it was a good book for me.  I liked all of the books though. Marty McGuire was my 2nd favorite, but it kind of was easy for me, but it shows something  that we can do for the Earth in our own life.    How To eat Fried Worms was about eating worms and I won’t do that in my own life.  Marty McGuire was about a girl that made a worm compost bench for her school cafeteria.  We are doing our own worm bins in our classrooms!  I really liked all of the books.

- Erica


Apr 14

Exploring Heathy Soil and Unhealthy Soil

The third graders are taking a look at two bins of soil.  They are recording observations and determining what is healthy soil verses unhealthy soil. They are writing down what they notice about each.  Once they figure out which one is what, they get to plant flowers in both types of soil.  They made a prediction which plant will grow better.  This is a great intro to what is soil and what makes it healthy!

soil 1 soil 3 soil 4 soil 5 soil

Apr 06

U.S.A day for 3rd grade

us_states_colors_map_lgToday 3rd grade is studying states. :-)  That means that everyone gets an assigned state to state. A lot of people wanted Hawaii and  Alaska. I got Kansas.  But everyone was happy with their state ;-)  I hope that I learn a lot  about Kansas.


Apr 06

Reading in 3rd grade


In reading class we are reading about worms. I am reading Marty Mcguire  digs worms.  It is a book about class that is trying to help the Earth.  Marty and her friend Annie (with the help of Grandma Barb) decided to make a wood bench in the cafeteria.  It was full of worms.  They were going to put scraps in there for the worms to eat and make new soil.  :-)  Kate

Apr 06


poolA few Saturdays ago, we got a free day in PE, and we got to play the Hunger Games.  We used pool noodles for weapons.   We got knives, swords, shields, and arrows (pool noodles). Everyone got on their  side. The Gym teachers said, “3,2,1, go!”  Everyone ran to get a weapon.  Me and some other kids did not get weapons.  We had to just run away.  The first game we played I got hit in the head.

- Alessandro

Apr 06

Observing Worm Castings

The 3rd Grade kicked off our Focus unit looking at worm castings.  They observed, recorded, and measured worms! We even found a few eggs!  All of this will help us lean about the importance of healthy soil as we focus on all things underground.worms1 worms2 worms3 worms4 worms5

Mar 02

Cafe Francais

We enjoyed being served today by the amazing 4th graders at the Cafe Francais.  What a special treat!  Ask your child what he or she ordered!

cf cf1 cf2 cf3 cf4 cf5 cf6

Feb 26

Human Spriographs in Art

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