May 03

Dear Whiskers

My favorite part of the chapter was the letter that the 2ed grader wrote to  Sameera and   the letter said,

“Dear Sameera,

Make believe is fun. Pretend  there is a mouse in your desk.  Pretend that this mouse has four brothers  who live in the teacher’s lounge. The four brothers drink  the teacher’s coffee.  It isn’t good  for young  mice  to drink  coffee but they  do it anyway.





May 03

The Mouse and the Motorcycle ”Trapped”

My favorite part of chapter 3 was when Ralph fell of the table with the motorcycle and landed in the metal waste basket. That is my favorite part, because I was thinking that Ralph was going to end up like his uncle. He was thrown out with the garbage.

- Sam

May 02

Digging for Layers of Soil lesson

After a wonderful lesson on soil, the layers, and why it is important, our 3rd graders got a chance to go out into the garden, grab a shovel, and dig!  Many squealed with delight as they went through the humus, topsoil, and subsoil.  Bedrock has yet to be discovereddig1 dig2 dig3 dig4 dig5.

May 02

The Mouse and the Motorcycle chapter 1summary

A young mouse named Ralph eagerly watched everything that went on in room 215 in a hotel. In the same room he found a candy bar raper.  He knew that it was from a little boy.  The same little boy had a toy motorcycle and Ralph stole it and it fits great! The motorcycle had no brake and he fell in a garbage can.

                                                                              By Christopher

May 02

The mouse and the motorcycle-my favorite part

My favorite part of the mouse and the motorcycle was when the boy thought that there was something alive in the basket (there was something in the basket, a mouse). The boy talked to the mouse. The mouse was hidden under an apple core. The boy guessed that the mouse had ridden the motorcycle into the trash bin.



May 02

Mouse and the Mortorcycle

My favorite part of this chapter is when Ralph tried to get out of the wastebasket  with a apple core and a toy motorcycle. He seized the apple core and pushed it to the motorcycle, but he failed. I liked that part because it was funny.  I also liked it because it was really good described. The chapter was called Trapped. I also liked this part because it was kind of the main part of the chapter.



Apr 28

The Mouse and the Motorcycle

In reading class, I am Reading the Mouse and the Motorcycle. In chapter one,  my favorite part is when  Mrs. Gridley  wanted to switch to a different motel because she was afraid that there were mice.  I like mice because they are cute.


Apr 27

Dear Whiskers Chapter 1

My name is Amelia and in reading I am reading a book called Dear Whiskers.  In chapter 1, a fourth grade class had to write second graders and had to pretend they were mice.  The main charter’s name is Jenny.  She is having trouble writing that letter. A girl next to her named Susan is much better at writing, and to Jenny, it seemed like Susan had a thousand more sentences the Jenny.   That is what happened in chapter 1.

- Ameila

Apr 27

The Mouse and The Motorcycle

I’m reading “The Mouse and the Motorcycle” and it is interesting and fun. It is about a mouse who lives in a hotel and a visitor comes and he has a toy motorcycle.   The mouse’s name is Ralph,  and Ralph finds the motorcycle and starts to ride it around at night. Then he gets caught and that is where the chapter ends! I can’t wait to read some more.

- Zach


















Apr 27

Dear Whiskers

On page 1 in Dear Whiskers,  it talks about Jenny’s class writing pen palls it reminds me of when 3rd grade wrote pen palls to kids in Texas.  They were in 5th grade  In our library skills class, we read letters, and then wrote back to them.  We even got a chance to skype them and introduce ourselves!


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